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At RC Originals we love working with wood. We create all kinds of personalized carved wood signs and special wood decor items and strive to always provide exceptional quality of workmanship and superior customer service at a very competitive price.

Customer satisfaction: When you complete the checkout process, we receive confirmation of your order with your custom details. Then we create a design for your custom piece. To ensure we’ve captured your specifications completely, we create a computer generated color mockup of your item and email it to you for approval or feedback.Once we receive your approval/feedback, we either get to work on your custom item, or tweak the design based on your feedback in which case we resubmit an updated mockup for approval.

We are proud to offer high quality custom and personalized décor wood products and custom wood signs.

To maintain wide selection of high quality wood pieces from which create our products, we dry, inspect, cut, sand and prep wood pieces in a variety of sizes and shapes. This enables us to carve, finish and ship our high quality products typically within 5 to 7 days after receiving final approval of the mockup.

Custom personalized crib boards:

The perfect personalized gift for any cribbage master or cribbage enthusiast. Available in Cherry, Walnut or African Paduak. Each crib board is thoughtfully crafted with storage for a deck of cards and crib pegs. We include three pairs of metallic pegs (brass, aluminum and black); we also include a quality deck  of cards with each order.

We craft these beautiful boards from individually selected solid wood. We mill, carve, smooth, finish and buff each board to our high standard of quality. Each board is personalized with your name on the board and your initials or small graphic engraved on the card-peg storage lid. Each piece has its own unique character and and is personalized to make each and every cribbage board a truly one of a kind that you will be proud to display and use.

 Custom personalized perpetual celebration calendars:

These beautiful domestic hardwood calendars have been referred to as family heirlooms that will stay in the family through the generations. Name and date disks can be added indefinitely under any of the twelve engraved months. “Family” or optionally, your family’s last name is inlayed with your choice of domestic or exotic hardwood. The months, word “Celebrations” or “Birthdays” are beautifully engraved on the calendar and with most styles a beautiful family tree graphic is also engraved.

The calendar is 5.5 inches high and 22 inches long and approximately ¼ inch thick.  They are crafted from quality hardwood and include a set of 20 wood disks in a variety of 4 domestic and exotic hardwoods, engraved with your names & dates. Order as many additional disks as you need at any time. We ship these beautiful calendars fully assembled and ready to hang.

Exterior custom signs:

We create hundreds of custom and/or personalized wood signs for the exterior use at home, cottage and businesses. As with all our products, personalized engraving makes these signs unique to the purchaser.

We take extra care to ensure our exterior signs have a high degree of protection from outside elements. Most of our signs can be customized by selecting custom options and providing text to be engraved before adding the item to your shopping cart.

Shelf huggers and wall hangings:

We have a huge selection of wood engraved shelf huggers and indoor signs to brighten any room which. These items can be simply purchased as shown, or can personalized to meet your taste. Personalization can be as simple as choosing from an available color scheme or providing specific words, a phrases or graphic which your would like us to engraved.

Most of these items are crafted from pine and some are crafted from maple.